January Mindset

Small steps for an eco lifestyle

Small actions, not sweeping large changes.

Aligning with the annual resolutions that come with a new year, January I will be focused on reflecting on my current spaces, habits, and mindsets (which can be challenging with children, as I know). Change cannot occur without awareness. Let’s walk through our homes, review schedules, and reflect on where small shifts could reduce our garbage, energy use, and plastics. Over the month, I will share my discoveries with the hopes you will consider reflecting on your own lifestyle with me.

January Shifts

  • Wait 24-hours before purchase (Do I really need this?)
  • Bring awareness to lifestyle categories creating most of the garbage in our family
  • Plan ahead to make time for eco-friendly purchasing (some can not easily be bought locally and may need to be ordered online for replacements
  • Consider if an item can be purchased second-hand
  • If I do need a new item, do more research first on buying sustainable, high quality products.